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Welcome to the International Council
on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) Canada Conference

On behalf of the Executive Committee of CIGRÉ Canada, I would like to extend to you an invitation to the 10th annual conference of CIGRÉ Canada in Winnipeg.

We are excited to reach the milestone of 10th event! The CIGRÉ Canada conference has become a tradition and a strong forum for the exchange of technical knowledge and ideas between Canadian and international delegates in the area of power systems.

The electric power system of tomorrow will be very different than today. Technology developments undreamt of ten or twenty years ago will arise to meet the many substantial challenges being faced by the electrical power sector such as accommodating a new resource mix and efficiently managing a fleet of aging assets. CIGRÉ continues to be in the fore front of facilitating the definition of future power systems and is addressing these challenges through aligned strategic direction and focus on the needs of the industry. The theme of the 2015 conference “What’s next for the Power Grid” along with topics of special interest such as asset management, HVDC and the smart grid, certainly reflects this strategic direction.

On the broader picture, CIGRÉ encourages the participation of young engineers and students in its activities. This is vital as the younger generation of engineers are going to set the future of our industry. The conference provides a fantastic opportunity to both meet and engage with the new engineers in our industry.

I encourage your participation in the 10th CIGRÉ Canada Conference in Winnipeg and look forward to meeting you there.

Mike Bartel
Mike Bartel, PEng
President of CIGRE Canada

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